Tips on use and conservation of turbo engine

The turbo of the marine engine is a durable and easy to maintain part.

If we take good care we can enjoy it for many years and we will prevent other related parts of the engine to get damaged.

Burst of speed

We must avoid speeding it up too much if we have just started the engine and it is cold, because it is not yet well lubricated. We must allow the engine to warm up and lubricate all the components, otherwise we can crystallize the oil.

Increase the speed when not sailing

Stoping the engine suddenly after a long journey or increase speed acceleration without moving produce premature wear due improper cooling and lubrication . So that the turbine can decrease revolutions gradually and the process is as little  aggressive as possible, leave the engine to idle at least 30 seconds.


As popular as unpleasant. During a journey , when we the engine of the boat is warm and all parts are working properly, we should increase the rpm promptly in order to burn the waste and keep clean the intake and exhaust .


To use the appropriate marine oil, following the manufacturer’s recommendations significantly extends the life of the turbo compressor. We need to review the level and replace it to ensure the optimal state .

Air and oil filters

At the diesel marine engines the turbo, which usually has little maintenance, becomes essential to wipe the shell at the inlet and check for air pressure leaks. Not investing in a good air filter is a mistake that will lead to more costly consequences. We will detect this problem because the smoke coming from the tailpipe of our ship becomes black. If we are going to replace it ourselves we must pay attention for any small fragments entering the system  of the material or traces of cinder.
It is convenient to clean it every 3 or 4 years or alternatively every 1000 hours.

Any symptoms or concerns, it is best to go to an authorized marine engine garage for proper inspection.


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