A fleet of traditional ships to the service of the citizens 


Llagut Far de Formentera, Consorci El Far

The llaguts,  Far of Formentera (Mallorca, 1922) and Far of Cabrera (Ciutadella, 1911) , of thirty six feet  and twenty eight feet  respectively, are the crafts of which had the Consorci El Far to carry out his educational mission. Both crafts were granted by the Group of Ports of the Balearic the year 1991 to the Association Barcelona fes-te a la mar, organization that was the origin of the Consorci.

Since then, the ships and his trips inside the port of Barcelona, constitute an excellent resource to live the experience to sail on board of a wooden ship rigged to the ancient: casting of, mooring,  steering or calculate the speed with the log  as it did traditionally
These day’s run complement the educational activities that offers the Area of Educational Programs and that are grouped around three thematic axes: the maritime commercial activity, the natural environment and the traditional navigation.

Llaut Far de Formentera

The Llaut Far de Formentera  -© Consorci el Far


So much if you ship you in any of the two lateen sailboats, as if you do it in any of the two crafts that incorporated later, the schooner Far Barcelona (Hardanger, 1874), and the wooden yacht rigged like ketch Far Barceloneta (Barcelona, 1914), the activity enriches with an experience that contributes other values in addition to the knowledges that could be purchased in the program of contents of the educational activity. First, the fact to live the slow sailing. The ancient navigation provides the experience to live the time differently, without haste, with no interferences, going us inevitably with the flow to live the present moment. Second, it puts in value the need to work in team and the importance of the honesty. The sea puts to each in his place. We ensure you that this on board of a ship does evident almost immediately.


The Far Cabrera was repowered with a marine engine Mini-44  -© Consorci el Far

At present the daily activity of the ships of the Consorci, is devoted to the activities of Area of Educational Programs that head to students of all the levels of the educational system, from primary education until the education post-compulsory. But the schooner Far Barcelona does gone out the Saturdays by the Barcelonan seafront. These navigations will allow you do an immersion in the meaning of the ancient navigation. Another opportunity to visit and sail on board of these ships is to approach to the docks of the port during the official party of the city of Barcelona: Mercé.


The classical sailing boat Far Barceloneta was repowered with a Deurz based Solé Diesel SDZ-165  -© Consorci el Far


From here we encourage you to experience of traditional sailing.


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