Sole Diesel is launching two new engines of 82 and 94 Hp

Author: Edu Esteban

SM-82 and SM-94

Solé Diesel is launching two new propulsion engines filling the gap between MINI-74 and SM-105.
SM-82 and SM-94 are two Mitsubishi based engines, robust and with a more than proven reliability. They have been designed to work under the most demanding situations.

Based on a robust engine block with direct injection, Solé has designed an effective and easy maintenance marinisation, which optimizes the engine’s performance at low rpm and delivers high torque. This results in an engine transmitting high force and a great thrust capacity for long continuous working hours, the best option for heavy duty purposes.

Due to direct injection and a robust engine block, the crank shaft has a high thrust.

The engines’ injection is regulated mechanically and is done directly inside the combustion chamber, rather than going through a pre-chamber. This prevents undesirable self-ignition and reduces fuel consumption.

In addition, both engines are turbocharged, providing extra power, while maintaining the same displacement, dimensions and weight.

Its direct mechanical injection and turbo-compressor make these engines the professional ship builders’ allies, since they are highly efficient in fuel consumption and performance, reducing emission levels which meet the new European RCD2 regulation. All this, together with an easy maintenance and an immediate spare parts and accessories availability anywhere in the world within 24 or 48 hours, makes Solé Diesel the best crew mate.

Thanks to its good power-weight ratio, the SM-82 and SM-94 meet the needs of as much as professional boats, fishing boats, passenger vessels, water taxis and middle length sailing boats. Also suitable for displacement leisure boats and sail yacths.

In addition to its professional oriented marinisation,  these new engines include all the improvements that Solé Diesel is implementing across its engine range, such as protection belt, easy access to filters, new silent blocks generation and increased IP protection relays.



Marine Engine SM-82


Marine Engine SM-94


Download high resolution images:

SM-82 01
SM-82 02
SM-94 01

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