SDC 2000 – NMEA2000 – Sole Digital Converter

About the NMEA 2000®

The NMEA 2000® is a communication plug-and-play standard between electronic devices. It is based on CAN communication protocol and specifically designed for working with multiple marine equipment, including marine engines, on a single net.

SDC2000 Kit

Our SDC2000 is an analog and digital signal to NMEA2000® protocol converter. This product allows the connection between marine engine sensors and the boat’s communication network, monitoring the marine engine information such as diagnosis, oil temperature control, rotation speed or oil pressure on consoles, among all the other functions that the NMEA2000 communication protocol has. It is recommended to have an instrument panel TE3 or SVT 30 for full engine data monitoring.

Why install the kit SDC2000?

Thanks to SDC2000 a user can control the engine status anywhere on the boat, both from the console center display as well as by connecting a Multifunction Display. Its main advantage is monitoring the engine’s working conditions from the navigation console. As an extra safety feature, the Kit also sends engine alarms, which may be shown on the Multifunction Displays.

Engine’s information

. Speed ​​indication (RPM)
· Coolant Temperature
· Oil Pressure Gauge
· Battery voltage
· Acoustic and visual low oil pressure and high temperature alarms.


Panel SVT 30 – S VT 30 Panel
Instalación eléctrica estándar sole Diesel – Standard Solé Diesel Electric Instalation
Kit SDC 2000 -à SDC 2000 Kit
Panel Multifución- Multifunction Displays
Terminador Resistor – Terminator Resistor
Antena meteorologica – GPS Antenna
Piloto automatic – Autopilot
Corredera – Wind Transducer
Brújula – Electronic Compass
Alimentation 12V/24V – Power Source 12V/24V
Cable/Red NMEA 2000 – NMEA 2000 Network Adapter Cable
Ejemplo red NMEA2000 – Typical NMEA 2000 Network Installation


· Designed to be easily and quickly installed.
· Compatible with all current Sole Diesel marine engines from 2008.
· Compatible with Dual Panel Kit.
· Compatible with most current instruments.
· Converts the following signals to digital NMEA 2000 signals: RPM, oil pressure, oil temperature and battery.
· Converts audio signal alarms to digital NMEA 2000.

Supply range

. SDC 2000 Converter Device.
· NMEA2000 Cable (1 m).
. Electrical installation bypass.
· IP 55 protective case.
SDC 2000 does not support any other engine brand.


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