New releases on Metstrade Show


We will be introducing during the Metstrade Show 2015 two new products:

The restyling of the marine engine Mini-17

The Solé Diesel engineer team has improved and re-designed the smallest and most compact engine from Solé’s range, based on Mitsubishi engine. The Mini-17.


The improvements include a new complete heat exchanger, new compact solution, new exhaust elbow design. New rubber pining configuration. Wet exhaust elbow. Bracket and re-designed silent-block. A cover for relays. New sea water pump design and a sea water pump cover with 3 thumb nuts among other improvements.

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Kit SDC200 on NMEA 2000 launching

The NMEA 2000 is a communication standard plug and play in-between electronical elements based on CAN communication protocol and specially designed to network with other marine equipment.

Our SDC2000 is a signal converter from analogical to digital protocol NMEA2000 with which you can connect and monitor the marine engine (temperature, speed, oil pressure…) to your screens.





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