Nerissa, a classical wooden boat from the 60’s

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Nerissa is a classical wooden boat built in 1965 in Italy, Sturla, near Genova, at the engineers Vincenzo Beltrami shipyard. She is all built in teak with an Arthur Robb’s design. Beltrami did actively participate on it’s constructions, and on Nerissa he improved Robb’s design changing the stern shape.
Beltrami was an engineer who took much care of details and very methodic, who deeply reviewed each one of his naval constructions. He had made redo all the caulking of a boat when confronting a very small fiver of a seam.

The design was ordered on 1962, but the owner disappeared and did come back two years later, on 1965, after the cuban missile crisis. That is how started the rumor he might have been an american spy.

The boat had been then, two years half built in a shipyard next to the bank of a stream that flood on rainy season, wetting all the vessels inside. Nerissa did not float yet and this constant getting wet and drying was curing the wood, softly flexing it and providing the hull strength, stability and consistency on it’s rounded shapes.

Nerissa has all the original parts yet, even the sails, the only change they have had to do is the repowering, they have changed the broken engine for a Mini-62 marine engine. The actual owner choose a Solé Diesel for the sail boat due the weight, great power and torque at low revolutions. This way he lowers the revolutions transmission to the ship’s structure.

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