Medieval sailing with Nao Victoria

Victoria (or Nao Victoria or Vittoria) was the only Spanish carrack to successfully circumnavigate the world (1519-1522) of a total of 5  ships of the Spanish expedition that left on it’s way to the spices island. It was also known as “Magallanes fleet”.

The other four ships were TrinidadSan AntonioConcepción y Santiago.

The Victoria departed commanded by Luis de Mendoza, who was replaced by Juan Sebastián Elcano when he died fighting at  Cebu , Philippines. Elcano continued all the way to Molucas islands. Since there was a very high mortality upon the crew, the ships had not enough sailors to be driven. So they burned Concepción on Bohol to distribute the crew among Trinidad and Victoria.

At Tidore they realize that the carrack Carabela was bilging, so they choosed different paths. They fixed it in Molucas with the idea of going mainland. At the departure a storm broke the main mast and was captured by the Portuguese.

The Nao Victoria would follow it’s route with between 59 to 70 mans, from whom only 18 would make it all the way back to Spain.

Replica in Spain

There’s a replica builded for the 92’s International Exhibition in Seville that has travelled all around the world, repeating Magallanes expedition and spreading Spanish naval history.
José Gutiérrez, boatswain of the Nao Victoria Foundation, explains the details and shows us the inside of the Nao Victoria:

This replica is equipped with a Solé Diesel marine generator.

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