4GSCH Light and compact marine generator

To be able to provide solutions to the needs of all our customers , the marine diesel engine’s company Sole Diesel Solé Diesel launches the smallest and most compact marine generator of the family, the 4GSCH.


Owners of both, sailboats and motor boats contacted us requiring a higher energy supply for the boat, without scarifying any space or weight. The main need they had was to provide the boat with 220V when outside the port, to be able to feel the real freedom of sailing.

To be able to use the water purifier, water heater, air conditioning, appliances (coffee maker , microwave, washing machine…), to be able to charge electronic devices such as computer, phone, tablet and much more now is both possible and cheaper, lighter and smaller than before.

Little more than 170 lb. (80kg.) this marine genset is lighter than a crew member. And it is so small and rounded it fits in any hatch of the sailboat or motorboat. No modifications needed and with a very easy and fast installation system. Plug and play.


It’s soundproofing cabin, a fiberglass case, is very easily removed, providing you complete access to all the components. This makes basic engine maintenancevery easy  (filter and oil replacement). Also has a built in oil extractor pump.

It is so quiet and silent that you will be providing your family the highest comfort, both during navigation and when anchored.

We will be able to say that with our boat we are finally free, since it includes a manual starting crack that would allow us charge starting batteries in case of emergency.

You can download the product specifications of the 4GSCH compact marine generator at the web, you can also find the nearest dealers.
We provide spare parts and marine accessories all over the world in 24 to 48 hours.

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