Launch of MINI-33, MINI-44 and MINI-55 updated models

In our desire for continuous improvement and with the aim of always offering the highest quality, we extended the range of updated engines with the MINI-33, MINI-44 and MINI-55 line, redesigned with improvements that optimize usability and maintenance, as well as they have been adapted to the small dimensions available on boats such as sailboats (which usually have access difficulties for basic engine maintenance).

These restyled engines offer greater protection of the most sensitive components and adjust to the customers demands and needs.

These technical and aesthetic improvements, previously implemented in the marine diesel engine models MINI-17 and MINI-29, improve and complete the renewed range of MINI marine propellers.

With Mitsubishi base, the MINI range represents tradition, robustness, ease of maintenance, quality and it is very versatile and able to respond to the needs of both recreational boats and professional or fishing boats.

Some of the improvements developed in our engines are:

  • 120A alternator, responding to small boats needs such as quickly charging batteries at low speed.
  • Front oil dipstick, to perform maintenance from the ladder of a sailboat, which results in better access to check and control oil level.
  • Belt protection that allows greater safety for people, with the engine running.
  • Improvement of the tightness and isolation of the relays that offers greater protection to the electrical installation.
  • Reduced vibrations transmitted to the hull and increased stability of the engine, thanks to the new silentblocks.



For a shipowner who has to repower his boat, this range of marine engines offers great quality, that together with our varied adaptation kits for the bedplate, make Solé Diesel marine engines one of the best options for a new engine installation in recreational, professional and fishing boats.

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