How to pick the right engine for the boat

Which engine do I pick for my boat?

Each marine engine has three different strengths and weaknesses, we shouldn’t only be guided by the price or by hp. When the time comes of changing our engine, repower, there are some questions we should ask first:

– How will the boat be used
Is it a fast boat or a displacement boat? Or rather a fishing boat or a sailboat? Each type of boat has specific requirements and the different engines are usually specialized in some of them.

– How much space do we have available in the engine room
Smaller spaces need more compact and small engines and accessible for an easier maintenance.

– Sound
The sound can be controlled with silencers or acoustic insulation. The need for us to have a conditioned soundproof engine can condition the installation costs.

– Vibrations
Some models vibrate less than others, given to the features they have such as the number of cylinders (even or odd). Besides choosing suitable silentblocks we will reduce vibration significantly.

The skills of the maintenance team which we will have will condition the choice of brands with varying electronics. It is also very important to look at the design of the engine compartment and access to the main point of the basic general maintenance of the engi

The price of the engine is an important part of this analysis, but we must also consider the cost of the accessories, spare parts, service and support that the manufacturer of the engine can provide us. Also, the capacity that the engine has to be personalized.

– Life Cycle
An engine that will use many hours per year must have a longer cycle than an engine used for recreational purposes.

– After-sales service
The boat engine maintenance costs can increase significantly. It is important to pay attention to the brand, and make sure they have an adequate network of distributors in our area of navigation.

Warranty is thoroughly scanned and looks through any possible additional services offered by different manufacturers and installation services.

We select the appropriate power and torque for the use you will give the boat and your needs, as well as the hull design.


Selecting a new engine to repower is a decision that must be taken with care and we must also let ourselves be advised by professionals. Ask for information and advice without commitment.




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