How to assemble the heater kit of a boat

5 steps to install the heater kit on a boat’s engine

Sole Diesel has developed this kit to use the coolant liquid of the marine engine, in order to exploit the excess heat from the engine to use the heat for any desired application.

This heat intake kit is used to recycle the excess heat of the coolant water of the marine engine and use it to heat the boiler as well as other applications such as building a distiller of sea water and produce fresh water suitable for showers, deck cleaning, running water…(undrinkable).

This way, by avoiding having to turn on the electrical heating, we save a lot of energy.

This manual is valid for marine engines Mini 17 (serial numbers over 35102) and Mini 29 (All engines.)
Kits for other marine engines have it’s own installation manual

Heater Kit Assemblage

1.- Always disconnect battery cables before working on the engine
Remove the negative (-) cable first.

2.- Heater diagram
Esquema salida agua refrigerante motor barco

3.- Removal dry exhaust system
Disconnect the cable and unscrew the coolant temperature sensor shown in picture. This is located on the thermostat case assy. 

sensor de temperatura de refrigerante motor barco

4.- Refrigerant outlet assemblage

Install the group of elements detailed at the table as it is indicated at the picture. First scour all the pieces and thread it all using pipe sealing (LOCTITE 572).
Connect the same cable to the sensor.
Connect the fitting (D) to the entrance of the boiler through a hose (hot coolant outlet), which is located in heat exchanger.

esquema instalacion kit agua caliente motor barco

5.- Refrigerant intlet assemblage
Unscrew the plug located on the cooler and remove it.
Once remove it, install a fitting (p.n. 17124053). Use pipe sealing (LOCTITE 572).
Connect the fitting to the exit of the boiler through a hose (coolant inlet).

tapon refrigerador motor barco

entrada refrigerante motor barco


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