History of Sole Diesel

Author: Jonathan Vallejo

Sole Diesel is a century-old company, of a family nature and fully established in the nautical sector, specializing in the sale of marine engines, generators and accessories. It was founded in 1912 by Mr. Enrique Solé Jorba and located in Martorell, Barcelona, as a workshop for the construction and repair of carriages.

Due to the process of disuse of carriages in 1931 the company started to repair cars, also locksmith activities and the sale of gasoline. The Spanish civil war interrupted the business activity, which returns to its operation when the war ended in 1939 and after the death of the founder the management of the company passed into the hands of his children, Mr. Enrique and Ramón Solé. It was a difficult time for society and there was a great shortage of machinery, so Sole decided to manufacture his own industrial parts and evolved to produce machinery and diesel engines for various applications.


At the beginning of the fifties, the business opportunity in the nautical sector was a great option, with an initial focus directed towards fishing professionals since recreational boats were scarce in Spain at that time.

Initially all of Sole’s products were entirely self-manufactured, afterwards the company specialized in the marinization of industrial engines of high quality and performance of brands such as, Lombardini, Mercedes Benz, Perkins, Mazda, Nissan, Hino, VM, New Holland and Mitsubishi.

After the participation and exhibition of their products in the Barcelona Boat Show, several people from other countries and involved in the sector began to be interested in the product of Sole Diesel, that was the starting point of the process of internationalization of the company. At present, it has expanded its presence worldwide with sales in the five continents.

In 1992, Enrique Solé Matas assumed the management of the business, consolidating Sole Diesel as a reference brand in the marinization of industrial engines, both nationally and internationally. Marieli Solé Toledano, the fourth family generation, joined in 2014 to provide a fresh business vision in line with new technologies.


Nowadays, the products, entirely manufactured in Martorell, are made under the highest quality standards and with customer satisfaction as the main objective. For this, the company works with the leading brands in the market such as Mitsubishi, Deutz or Kubota.

Sole Diesel is known for being a flexible, dynamic and efficient company. Much of the success of the products lies in the combination of work and knowledge of the qualified and experienced personnel, which is responsible for the application of new procedures and industrial techniques, together with a rigorous quality control in the manufacturing processes, all engines and generators are tested to guarantee a perfect operation.

During all these years, the company has differentiated itself in the market for its philosophy of a personalized customer service, adapting its marine engines, generators and accessories to their requirements, offering the best advice and searching for the best alternatives to their needs, for recreational or professional boats.

Sole Diesel offers a fast and efficient customer service, guaranteeing in 95% of the cases a supply of product to its network of distributors in 24 hours and an excellent after-sales service. More than 100 years of experience in the sector guarantee the final result of its products.


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