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On February 19th we organized, in our factory, a clinic for the dealers of our official distributor in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany: Allpa.


We started the workshop with a guided visit to the assembly line where we were able to analyze the approach to select a block, how is the marinization parts design and how to assemble it in order to build a very reliable and resistant marine engine.


Among other issues, we went deep into parallel marine generators installation and we saw the last releases on diesel marine engines we have just launched.

Each and every one marine engine that leaves the factory has been tested. At the test bench, we did a workshop on installation and error detection for both, marine diesel engines and gensets.


If you want to discover more information about our dealer network, you can find the realized installations at the boat reference section.
The whole day was held in a pleasant and dynamic work environment in which we delve into the values that characterize us: Quality, after-sales service, and available stock.


Solé Diesel started more than 100 years ago, during which we have manufactured industrial machinery and tractors. It was in the 50s when we started in the field of nautical equipment.

Currently, Solé Diesel’s workforce is made up of 74 workers, making it possible to marinate more than 1200 engines per year and export to more than 45 countries.


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