Importance of the marine engine lubricant

Why is so important the correct oil selection of our marine diesel engine?
Because besides the sails , the engine is the only propulsion we have once we are at the sea.
Proper maintenance of marine oil will ensure we keep lubricated the boat’s engines parts, so we provide a longuer life and minimize the wear.
A high quality oil maintains its properties more time and generate less waste , so moving parts inside the engine stay clean longer, and the inside ship’s engine parts stay cleaner longer.
A lubricant in good order guarantees better cold booting and reduces fuel consumption. In addition to provide corrosion protection to all the pieces.
It is so important to check the oil level and condition that it even affects the comfort during navigation. Reduces vibration and engine noise generating a more enjoyable sailing.
New multigrade oils marine engines and generators decrease volatility oil consumption and consequently we need to refill less often .
The Solé Diesel oil has been specially developed for diesel marine engines who work in hard conditions with high temperatures and extreme loads. Such as fishing boats, passengers, transport…


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