Barcelona Boat Show 2015

Author: Mónica Lorenzo

This year we’ve been the oldest exhibitors at the Barcelona Boat Show 2015, Salón Náutico de Barcelona and the only manufacturers of marine engines with direct representation. We’ve been with our design team, production, spare parts and accessories team and dealers from all over the world personally attending all kind of questions.

We had there a wide demonstration of our marine engines, generators and accessories. Enjoy the boat show with us at this short video (it has english subtitles)


The marine engines we were showing were:


A very compact 3 cylinder marine engine Mitsubishi based. Read more about an example of a repowering 


Also Mitsubishi based is very resistant and has low fuel consumption. Perfect for sail boats and small fishing boats.


Inboard diesel marine engine Mitsubishi based with 4 cylinders, 52 CV (38,3 kW) at 3000 rpm y 1758 cc. With turbo.


Mitsubishi diesel inboard marine engine with 4 cylinders 59 CV (43,4 kW) at 3000 rpm and 2311 cc. A perfect design for sailboats who want power and control.


An inboard marine engine designed to work on long cycles, for professional uses such as displacement boats, fishing boats… With a very easy maintenance.


Inboard 6 cylinder – 95 CV (69,9 kW) at 2500 rpm and 4996 cc. Durable, low vibrations and reliability.


Nissan based inboard marine engine, 4 cylinders 101 CV (74,3 kW) at 3600 rpm and 3153 cc. Very compact and powerful. Perfect for boats who wish to increase power but not weight or space.


Deutz based marine engine with 6 cyliners – 271,7 CV (200 kW), 2300 rpm and 7150 cc. A very stable engine designed for workboats, designed to low the budget for maintenance and fuel consumption of hard working boats.


Spare parts and accessories.

We have also released the new spare parts and accessories catalog: Propellers, axes, hoses, turbos, rubber stuffing box, oil, filters… All that is needed for a complete engine or generator set installation and maintenance.


More accessories:

turbo manguera kit-escape kit-aspi-agua kit-agua helice grifo-fondo filtro estopa  calentador

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