Solé Diesel receives an award for its company trajectory

Author: Jaume Colillas

The Barcelona Chamber of Commerce has rewarded the marine engines company for its trajectory and antiquity.

On October the 28th , 2015, during the “Day of the Chamber” celebration, in Casa Llotja de Mar, it took place the tribute to companies which celebrates relevant anniversaries. In this case, Solé Diesel was celebrating the centenary of its foundation.

This award, recognize the effort, constancy and consolidation of the company, which the key to success stands on the family work along with the close cooperation with the employees and taking care of human capital.

Nowadays, the company is leaded by the 3rd generation from Solé family, Mr. Enric Solé and the 4th generation is already taking part on the company; his daughter Marieli Solé.

Solé Diesel, has been involved with marine sector since its foundation. Nowadays, the company is highly specialized on the marinization of industrial engines for marine purposes, as propulsion engines, but also as gen sets and accessories and spare parts, related to the engines. Solé Diesel is leading the market of small engines from 16 to 95HP in Spain, but also is exporting its production in more than 40 countries which is the highest volume.


From left to right: Elisa Toledano, Enric Solé y Marieli Solé

Companies with trajectory between 50 and 200 years received the recognition from Mr. Andreu Mas Colell (Economic Counselor from Catalan Government) and Mr. Miquel Valls (Economist and Businessman.

From this annual event, Mr. Miquel Valls remarks the longevity from these companies is to be thankful to those Businessmen who knew how to transmit their vision, courage and values to the new generations who push the companies to grow up and go so far.



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